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List All IP Address Ranges on an ASN

This can be used to list, for example, all likely possible dynamic public IP address that could be assigned to your WAN modem.

An Automated Service Number identifies a collection of IP routing prefixes under the control of a network operator which defines the routing policy for these IP ranges to the Internet. For example, my home connection is part of ASN AS10796 owned by Time Warner Cable, which includes the following IP ranges (in CIDR notation):
and many more...

Look Up ASNs

One-Liner to List All IP Ranges on an ASN Given an IP Address

From James Barnett.

Where $IP_ADDR is an IP address from the ASN you want to list (such as your own public IP):
whois -h -i origin -T route $(whois -h $IP_ADDR | grep origin: | cut -d ' ' -f 6 | head -1) | grep -w "route:" | awk '{print $NF}' | sort -n


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