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The System

This system is intended to govern the seating arrangement over multiple trips in the motor vehicles of drivers which subscribe to it. It is intended to provide a comprehensive process to prevent disputes over seating arrangements.


A "trip" has been completed when the vehicle arrives at a destination and is parked, turned off, and the majority of the passengers exit the vehicle.

A "session" consists of one or more "trips" that the vehicle will take on its way from the "starting point" to the "final destination".

The "staring point" and "final destination" are often the same location, the residence of the driver. They can also be any place where all passengers will exit the vehicle for an extended amount of time. These points are technically defined by the driver.

When declaring a preferred seat, "shotgun" refers to the front seat opposite of the driver.

Applicability of The System

The System only applies in a vehicle if the driver declares it in effect, or if a group of passengers privately declare it in effect for that group. This declaration carries over all sessions.

Initial Seating Arrangement

At the beginning of a session, passengers may choose seats on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Basic Seat Rotation

When the passengers enter the vehicle at the beginning of each trip after the initial trip, all passengers in the system will rotate seats in a clockwise fashion.

Driver Exclusion

The driver may exclude individual passengers from the system and assign them a seat.

Unanimous Passenger Exceptions

If all passengers agree, any exceptions can be made. The allows for passengers to use The System in settling personal disputes or bets, and for donating one's seat out of generosity.

Change of Vehicle / Driver

In the event that vehicle and/or driver changes mid-session, the current state of The System is carried on as much as possible.

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