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Time Synchronization (NTP)

Installing a Network Time Protocol daemon will easily allow your computer's clock to automatically stay in perfect sync with "Stratum 1" atomic clock NTP servers via the internet. Never set your computer's clock again! :D

I recommend using a set of servers, such as [0-3]


First you should disable Windows' built in time synchronization from the Date / Time options. Also disable the Windows Time service.

NetTime is a great Windows service with a taskbar control tool.

If you dual boot Linux / UNIX you probably want to keep your hardware clock set to UTC time. To make Windows play along with this, run this script as a .reg file.

Linux - Fixed Internet Connection

OpenNTPD is a classic, superb NTP server, brought to you by the wise and paranoid developers of OpenBSD.
Available as Ubuntu package openntpd.
Example /etc/ntp.conf

Linux - Roaming Internet Connection

Chrony is designed for synchronizing with only occasional network access. It works best when integrated with your distro's network management system, such as Network Manager.
Available as Ubuntu package chrony.


Linux Configuration - UNIX

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