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Video DVDs

This article is about the copying and creation of DVDs containing video to be played by a standard DVD player.

Most commercially-pressed DVDs are dual layer, and contain up to ~8.5 GB of data. Unless you have blank dual layer disks, you will want to trim it down to size with DVDShrink as described below. Most movies can be made to fit with little or no compression.

Optical Media::

  • DVD-R: Best for movies. Can store any data, but some old DVD players can only play these.
  • DVD+R: Best for data. Can store movies too- this is technically a superior format to -R, but is unsupported in some old players.
  • DVD+R DL: Dual layer disc storing up to ~8.5 GB. This can be used for big movies too.

Remember to burn at the slowest speed possible for highest reliability!

I recommend DVDShrink. Be sure to download from FileHippo. The "official" site has a crappy malware-infested version.

Here is a good tutorial.


Media Production - Optical Media

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