Rocketbike Coming Soon

On Monday, me, Kerry, AJ, and Jacob tested the Rocketbike. It was just a normal bike, but with a giant homemade PVC / RCandy rocket attached. We tested it out at AJ's dad's shop, and it worked great. We got it filmed from 3 angles, and I will be editing it and posting it as soon as I can get Sony Vegas Pro running on my computer. It dosen't seem to get along well with XP x64. I'm going to try out Windows 7, and hopefully Vegas will work better in it.

posted by Michael - 10/15/09 8:00 AM

First Post

This is the new site for Christmas Tree Studios. It will be much nicer than just a YouTube page. Right now its just a project for my Web Design class, but I plan to put it up on, where I can set up a PHP / MySQL based news / comment system.

posted by Michael - 10/15/09 7:46 AM