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This Really Is Michael Craft's Website! It does too exist!


April 21, 06

Look at my videos on putfile. I made my putfile page match the website, and added some new videos. I'm planning on making PYRO-MANIACS a series, exploring the fiery and potentially dangerous adventures of me and my friends. I am making a new Half-Life map. This one is called The Darkness. It features four sniper towers, a lockout-like central area, undergound tunnels, and bottemless pits. I also split the old news into a diffrent page.
"Videogames teach us life skills, like BOOM! HEADSHOT!"

March 22, 06

I made a Team Fortress Classic map! It's sniperz.bsp. Check out this site. You can get all of the old sim games for free. Look at my videos.
"RLOLNFCL (Real Laugh Out Loud Not Fake Cyber Laugh)"

March 12, 06

I made a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch map! It's dm_killbox_barrelthrow.bsp. Check it out! It's awesome! Don't you just hate this monkey?
"Don't be too open-minded, or your brains might fall out."

March 3, 06

7h3 53450|\| 0f 1337 |5 4p0|\| u5 8r07h3r5! 70d4y i5 1337 |)4y. 4 |)4y 537 45i|)3 f0r h0|\|0ri|\|9 1337. P|3453 5pr34|) 7h3 w0r|)! 4|\|d |37 3\/3ry 50ul 3xp3r|3n<3 7h3 j0y5 0f 1337!
"Frogblast the Ventcore!"

February 20, 06

NOOOOOOOO! DON'T LEAVE!!! I finally updated the site! After OVER A MONTH! Why? Because I GOT MY 360! I got Perfect Dark Zero: Collectors Edition also! IT ROX! I even took a picture to prove it! Also because my computer went mega-nuke, so I had to reinstall windows. Then my backup went mega-nuke and I lost EVERYTHING. I will be adding Halo custom game types as soon as I RETYPE IT. It got lost in the mega-nuke too. I made a new 1337 Guide.
"The more you stand up, the less you fall down."

January 14, 06

Look at this. People, PLEASE click on the stuff on the sidebar thingy!!!! My site is more than just this one page!!!

January 10, 06

Good morrow friends!* People have finally found my website! Tell everyone you know about it! I need more people to come here! Can you think of anything else to put on this site? If you can think of something please Contact Me. Andrew says I need a games section, but I make horrible games, and they take a long time to make. I you want games go to Gamesloth.
* ©2005 Andrew Clinard

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